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I’m Melissa, Owner of By the Book Profits & Financial Management

Melissa has 30+ years of experience as a business professional. Her passion is to help people re-ignite the joy they have for their business and to help them relieve the stress that comes from managing finances – both business and personal.


We’re on a mission to help business owners rediscover the joy that comes with being an entrepreneur by giving them a sense of peace about their business financials.


Advanced Certified Profit First Professionals are uniquely qualified to help businesses dramatically increase their profits using the Profit First system.

Financial Management

According to the IRS Pub 583, you have a responsibility to run your business like a business. We can help you do just that!

Profit First

Advanced Certified Profit First Professionals

By the Book Profits & Financial Management is one of the privileged few firms nationwide to receive a certification in Profit First.

How will Profit First Impact My Business?

Utilizing Profit First’s choice methods, we will guide your company to increase its profitability. Just like other firms, we manage finances, do tax returns and ensure the bookkeeping is up-to-date, but what sets us apart is that we can help you maximize your profits!


A Profit First Professional is your financial trainer. Use them!

Profit First FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Profit First Overview &

Profit First One-Sheet

With Profit First, you take a predetermined percentage of profit from every sale first, and only the remainder is available for expenses.

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We Love Our Clients!

It is a joy and honor to serve each one of you!

“Melissa is THE team player you want to work with!”

“She is fastidious with details and deadlines, neat and organized, and proactive about getting whatever needs done, done.  Besides being brilliant with numbers and details Melissa is  genuine and authentic.  I trust her completely with my business and financial information, and I count her as a dear friend.”

Sherri E.


“We’ve been doing business with Melissa at By the Book Bookkeeping for several years.”

She takes care of our personal and business bookkeeping, along with our tax preparation.  She is very knowledgeable and has excellent customer service.  I would highly recommend her.”

Shelly S.


Melissa Garza with By The Book is absolutely amazing.

“She is very person centered, thorough, and kind. She takes the time not only to accomplish her job well, but to also ensure she explains everything to her customer.  You can be rest assured that she will provide excellent service every step of the way.

Chris B.


“As a growing company I am always trying to find ways to streamline things and find better ways to utilize my time.  I was getting bogged down by the everyday accounting items such as AP, bank recs and general bookkeeping.  Since hiring Melissa from By the Book Bookkeeping my days are better spent helping the company grow and stay working as efficiently as possible.  I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for bookkeeping services.  She has been a life saver!”

Amanda M.


“Encouragement to Stay on Track!”

I can’t begin to tell you what a struggle & failure I had been with completing my taxes….I procrastinated, struggled, and ran from completing them for years.  I was introduced to Melissa, and with some nudging, follow through, and gentle poking I finally gave in & started on the trek with her & By The Book.  Once we got started I was consistently notified of what was missing and/or needed in a timely manner.  We started way back where I first screwed up, and slowly & methodically completed 5 year worth of late taxes and even a bonus of one amended return with a positive return of over $15,000!!!  I can now feel comfortable & confident when I see Melissa in public knowing she’s not going to remind me of any needed documents– instead it’s encouragement to stay on track & be ready for 2022!!   Which I am!!   I would highly recommend Melissa & By The Book to anyone, business, large or small for accounting & tax preparation!!

Scott S.